Colm Prunty

Full stack developer, mostly using Microsoft technologies professionally (C#, .NET, T-SQL, that kind of thing). always interested in digging into something shiny and new, which these days seems to be mostly Javascript frameworks and NoSQL. From Ireland, living in London for a few years now.


Frequently infrequently updated. If I do anything interesting, I'll probably mention it here. Backup link in case my domain registrar have fallen asleep again.

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There should probably be some overlap between what appears on my blog and what appears in here. That is to say, half-finished projects in various languages.

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Possibly relevant, more likely to be jokes, complaining, or some combination thereof.

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Not a complete fraud. My favourite answer I've given is this one, and I'm sad that it'll probably be deleted eventually.

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"I want to give this guy a job", they thought. Good idea!

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I can be reached at colmprunty [at]